Q: "Does S•A•R•G•E buy my rights and then resell them?"

A: No. S•A•R•G•E does not buy your rights. S•A•R•G•E represents your property to prospective partners and serves as the conduit by which you obtain revenue from Sponsors / Naming Rights Partners.

Q: "If S•A•R•G•E brings on a Sponsor or Naming Rights Partner, who is the contract between?"
A: 99% of the time, the parties to the agreement will be the property and the Brand. In rare occasions, S•A•R•G•E will be a party to an Agreement to ensure all parties are protected (i.e. Tied House Laws), but this is rare.

Q: "Does S•A•R•G•E do Analytics work?"

A: No, but S•A•R•G•E has strategic partnerships with the top Analytics companies in the industry to ensure that your property stays current with market trends and valuations.

Q: "Do I have any say in what Sponsors or Naming Rights Partners S•A•R•G•E brings on?"

A: Of course, S•A•R•G•E will not make any promises or commitments on behalf of your organization without your authorization, this is one reason why Agreements are between the Property and the Brand. YOU maintain control of YOUR assets....we just market and sell them.

Q: "Will S•A•R•G•E bring me revenue from National Brands?"

A: That depends. While S•A•R•G•E has established relationships with key personnel and decision makers at Brands of all types (Local, Regional, National, Global), it depends on the property, its reach, and the Brand's objectives as to whether or they will partner. While no one can guarantee revenue from any level of Brand, we'll position your property in the best possible light.

Q: "I want to keep my business in-house, but want S•A•R•G•E to help look at my operation and give some guidance on what we are doing / not doing. Is that possible?"

A: Yes. Consulting options/packages can be developed in a fashion that caters to your specific organization's needs at any particular time. Just ask and we can work something out.

Q: "What is the fee structure to have S•A•R•G•E help my business grow?"

A: Our typical model calls for a monthly retainer fee plus % commission on anything we sell. Each can vary depending on the type of property, sale, etc. Agreements are typically a minimum of 1 year with options to extend. Naming Rights Representation Agreements are typically 18-24 months to allow for the normal lifecycle of a Naming Rights transaction. We try to make it easy to work with us, so we are more than willing to discuss options.

Q: "Does S•A•R•G•E provide services other than selling? Will they also bill and collect payment from sponsors and fulfill agreements?"

A: Possibly. All partnerships can be customized to provide the services that the property needs, as long as S•A•R•G•E is in a position to provide those services in a way that reflects our desire to be "Best In Class". If we don't think we can do something well for you, we won't agree to do it. Our reputation in the business is our top asset, and it can be difficult to rebuild once tarnished.