Brand Services

Whatever your brand objectives, we'll build you a successful program.

Brand Objective

S•A•R•G•E meets with you to clearly outline your brand / campaign objectives and measurements for success

Opportunity Recommendation

S•A•R•G•E then uses its industry expertiese and relationships to identify and mine opportunities that will best achieve your brand's stated goals

Negotiation & Agreement

Once you sign off on program concept,  S•A•R•G•E uses its buying power within the industry to negotiate better pricing than you could as a standalone sponsor, maximizing your campaign budget

Sport and Entertainment Sponsorship is a $65+B per year industry (Statista - 2021), as the emotional attachment fans have with teams, leagues and events cannot be matched by traditional advertising conduits. While major brands may have an AOR (Agency of Record) that manages their opportunities, many "smaller" brands do not.

These brands are bombarded daily with emails, calls, and proposals trying to get them to become a Partner or Sponsor of an event, team, venue, etc. It can be overwhelming to hear about all of the opportunities, but a good opportunity may be missed if a brand doesn't explore them all.

S•A•R•G•E will field and filter through these opportunities so you don't have to, make recommendations based on your brand's objectives, and then use their industry experience to negotiate the best price for your package.

I'd love to see if S•A•R•G•E can build out a program to achieve my brand objectives